Note: The following 100 word science fiction story is part of Loren Eaton’s 2011 Advent Ghosts fiction contest. Please follow the link to check out the other wonderful snippets of fiction he’s made available.

If my wife took another, I would understand.

The idea was promising, once. Reborn on silicon circuits into godless eternal life.

Waking on frosted metal, I didn’t shiver. Didn’t warm myself with my wife afterwards. Didn’t understand her fear of death.

She remained, aged, kissed my ever-young body, caused no pain or pleasure.

Phantom sensation arrived. Not pain—never pain—just a lack. Remembrance.

The media loved me. Would’ve laid down palms. Women, too, for a season.

Then only my family was left: loving, uncomprehending.

Incarnation’s a bitch. An ageless spirit, helpless as a babe on long winter nights.

[First posted on 12/24/2011]